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Friday, December 9, 2011

Monday's Troll (1996)

Author: jack Prelutsky | Illustrator: Peter Sis | Page Count: 40

“Monday’s troll is mean and rotten, Tuesday’s troll is misbegotten”

A collection of 17 short poems Monday’s Troll is a wonderful anthology of rhymes detailing the everyday goings on of trolls, wizards, giants, and other magical beasts and ghoulies. The poems themselves are short and sweet, easy enough for the children to read and comprehend but they are all well put together and incite a chuckle out of the grown up reader. Peter Sis’s drawings are fanciful and lively in their depiction of the little story being told but also have some nice little details here and there that don’t have any real importance to the poem’s main narrative. All of the poems are solid but I do wish they would have chosen a different one to end the book with.
I defiantly would get this for any child who likes poetry, fantasy monsters, or just books in general. 

4 snotty kids talking smack to wizards and getting what was coming to ‘em out of 5

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