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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Judge Dredd: Democracy Now! (1992)

Authors: John Wagner / Garth Ennis  |  Illustrators: Jeff Anderson / John Burns  |  Page Count: 48

"You're dangerous, Dredd.  You have to be removed."

Dredd’s world gets shaken or burned often but very little change occurs within the establishment.  Once the blood is cleaned off the streets and the Meat Wagons take the bodies to a Resyk centre the Judges carry on as normal.  The oppressed citizens, most of them oblivious to the inner-workings of the Hall, lose more freedoms without realising it and the 'fascist' system perpetuates.

The Democracy storyline shines a light on that situation by turning the focus toward the judicial system, by making it the villain, similar to how the Megazine had portrayed the Judges in the America (1990) storyline.

There are a few pages of text to get you up to speed with what’s been stirring in the cities before the story begins, because you don’t just wake up one morning and decide to have a referendum.

Dredd believes the benefits the eight hundred million citizens receive from Judge protection far outweigh the drawbacks, but not everyone agrees.  Will the vote go in Joe’s favour?  Or will the citizens throw a collective middle finger at the system and return to a red tape Democracy?

It’s a short book and only a small snippet of a larger whole.  Going into it without some Dredd knowledge isn't advisable.  You’ll miss the subtleties of his actions and reactions to a threat that he can’t kneecap nonchalantly with a gun.

2½ redecorations out of 5

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