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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Lobo / Judge Dredd: Psycho Bikers Vs. Mutants From Hell! (1995)

Authors: John Wagner / Alan Grant | Artists: Val Semeiks / John Dell
Page Count: 48

"Yer too stupid ta know when yer beat! I admire that in a man!"

I like it when the cover art does most of the work for me. What you see above is a perfect example of what you get between the front and back covers of this one-shot. The only thing that’s slightly misleading is that despite Dredd’s name adorning it, he’s more of a supporting character in the madness that unfolds.

The location makes Dredd's inclusion partly obligatory and partly incidental, as confusing as that sounds. But that’s as confusing as this one gets. It’s a straightforward action comic with some great one-liners courtesy of cover stars Lobo and the Cursed Earth’s most famous bastich, the guy with a dial on his head that goes all the way up to 4, Mean Machine Angel.

Mean and Lobo chew up the page like it was a chocolate stage. I had difficulty picking out a quote to use on this post because they had so many good lines to choose from. If you can begin to imagine how they might fit into a dangerous under-city mutie scenario then you’ll be close to understanding how much big dumb fun there is to be found if you're in the right frame of mind to appreciate it.

3 snot-nosed panty-liners out of 5

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