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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ghost in the Shell : Stand Alone Complex : Episode 002 : Testation (2010)

Author: Yu Kinutani | Page Count: 277

"Don't come crying to me if it kicks your ass!"

A heavy-assault multi-ped tank goes crazy and escapes from a testing facility with live ammunition equipped. The tank’s designer is initially suspected, but he died a week earlier. Section 9 must somehow stop the tank before it can reach a heavily populated civilian area.

Episode 002 is the second episode of the GitS: SAC anime in manga form. If they give each episode its own book there'll be twenty-six volumes in all. However, at the current rate of releases of just two books a year it’ll take over a decade to finish. Perhaps they’ll skip the complex Laughing Man case because breaking it up over such a long time would be a bad idea. Who knows at this stage?

It’s illustrated well and like the first book is full of dynamic panels and crazy sound effects. The action is punctuated with some minor back-story that was absent from the anime, offering a welcome break from the tank moments.

Unlike Voluume One there's no unique Tachikomatic Days episode at the end. I'd hoped they'd be a regular addition.

3 experience points from getting shot to shit out of 5

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