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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

MBQ Volume 2 (2006)

Author: Felipe Smith | Page Count: 200
"You're gonna have to fight for it if you want it. It's always a fight."
Volume 2 picks up where volume 1 left off with Omario looking to get his pages published, but this volume focuses more on the other characters of the series. They get some much needed development that was missing in the first volume. We learn that roommate Jeff is aspiring to more than his fast food job and Omario's brash attitude may finally be straining on him. We also get a little more info on Dee, Omario's drug dealing, gun running, thieving friend, and why they are friends at all. Dee is certainly a thug, but even he plays a role in Omario's journey that we are following. Also we get a small look at the 2 cops R.J. and Aiden.

The black humor is intact and the action is even ratcheted up as is some sexy interludes, but it is pretty disconnected from the story at times and while it is clearly setting up a resolution, it doesn't come in this volume. There is also a pretty weird bit with an ironic jab at lame and uninspired comics that while funny seems a bit over-the-top. That was the point, but it could have been handled differently. It even had an actual author insertion as opposed to the metaphorical one Omario represents. Nice action and comedy, but it could have focused on Omario's story more instead of just the one bit at the end.

3 intercontinental ballistic missiles fired from a demon midget's ass out of 5

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