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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Star Wars Republic Commando: Triple Zero (2006)

Author: Karen Traviss | Page Count: 418
 I didn't have a mother or a father, but a stranger willingly chose me to be his son. You had a mother and a father and they let strangers take you. No, General, don't pity me.
The Clone Wars rage on a hundred different worlds and the Grand Army of the Republic is stretched thin, but recent terror threats on Coruscant itself must be dealt with to keep fear from spreading. So an anti-terror operation is authorized with 2 commando squads: Omega Squad, protagonists from the 1st book, and Delta Squad, protagonists of the tie-in video game. They must experience this new, covert way of fighting while dealing with their conflicted feelings of seeing civilians living a life that has been denied them since birth.

Karen Traviss continues adding to the extensive Star Wars expanded universe, but the real stand out are the characters themselves. They are more fleshed out both in detail in the text and in-universe as they have been experiencing war for over a year. There is a very human story being told. It just happens to be in the Star Wars universe with action, blasters and Jedi. Keep it up Miss Traviss.

4 Even alien chicks dig scars out of 5

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