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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Marvel Zombies (2006)

Author: Robert Kirkman | Illustrator: Sean Phillips | Page Count: 136

"Whoever makes the kill gets double rations."

A post-apoc, alternate world spin-off from a story that appeared in Ultimate Fantastic Four (issues 21-23). I don't believe that putting zombies into something automatically makes it better; more often than not it makes it worse. The zombie metaphor has been done to death (no pun intended) and outside of the early Romero films it’s mostly been done badly. MZ sets a new low, even for Marvel.

It was written by Robert Kirkman, the guy that writes The Walking Dead. I've not read TWD, but it’s been selling well, so I'm assuming it’s a lot better than MZ.

The plot is as thin as something I'd write. The heroes/villains are hungry. There’s some gore. They eat. They get hungry. There's gore... eat... hungry, etc. Yawn.

The book collects together Marvel Zombies, issues 1 - 5.

1 severed limb out of 5

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