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Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Dream Eater (1978)

Author: Christian Garrison | Illustrator: Diane Goode

“Just as the demon was about to devour him, Yukio woke from his sleep.”

This was one of my favorite books that I remember from childhood. It tells the tale of a boy and his nightmare ridden village and the wondrous beast known as a Baku that just might be able to solve their nocturnal torment.

This was practically my 1st “Japanese” thing I ever encountered with pretty artwork that illustrates some of the everyday life goings on of a long ago period from a far off land in a dreamy fantasy style that’s reminiscent of the paintings & etching of that era with a bit children’s books cartoon style added to it.     

Having said that now that I’m an adult going back to it I am somewhat disappointed that both the author and illustrator are as far as I know both westerners and don’t seem to be too exceedingly versed in Japanese culture.   But I do still feel that this is a good book that isn’t exploitative or insulting to the culture it uses and about the only thing western snuck into it is the use of a dragon as a threatening force.

All in all this is a good children’s story book that introduces the wild world of Japanese Yokai (spirits, demons, & monsters) and just might help with getting over any bad dreams kids might have.

4 nightmares out of 5   

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