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Friday, November 18, 2011

The Name of the Wind (2007)

Author: Patrick Rothfuss | Page Count: 722
“Congratulations. That was the stupidest thing I've ever seen. Ever.” - Elodin

The first book in the larger trilogy The Kingkiller Chronicle, The Name of the Wind tells the story of Kvothe; a mysterious innkeeper as he recounts his story to the king’s historian. The story takes him from his childhood in a traveling performers troupe to the hard streets of the city to the grounds of the University (there is only one) in his pursuit of the titular name of the wind. All this while strange events unfold in the present. Are they related to his past?

Comparisons to Harry Potter abound, the similarities are superficial and Name of the Wind has the advantage of not being aimed at a younger audience which author Patrick Rothfuss makes full use of. The characters are well-developed and the story is engaging with adventure, mystery, excitement and Sympathy i.e. magic as Kvothe overcomes trials and tribulations and a prick called Ambrose.

5 sympathetic links out of 5

Short enough yet Doc?

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