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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Star Wars Republic Commando: Hard Contact (2004)

Author: Karen Traviss | Page Count: 293
"You want to know how clones tell each other apart? Who cares? They're here to fight, not to socialize."
The first book in a series following the commandos of Omega Squad during the Clone Wars. Better trained and equipped then regular clone troopers, commandos are sent on high risk, top secret missions. Omega is sent to capture a scientist on an enemy-held planet where 2 Jedi have already been lost. As a "mongrel" squad made up of survivors of other squads, they will have to re-learn to work as a unit to accomplish their mission.

A Star Wars story not told from the perspective of Jedi is quite refreshing. Karen Traviss uses her experience as a defense correspondent to write an account from a soldier's point of view that feels somewhat authentic despite being fiction. Readers will also see the Jedi in a different light as other characters give their opinions on them which isn't always inline with how the Jedi see themselves. Their usage of clones and the ethical problems and hypocrisy involved is a recurring theme of the book. So readers get cool Star Wars action and a story with a bit of depth. Not high class literature, but good and worth some of your time.

3½ shape-shifting spies out of 5

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